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EventPro Planner Software Manual

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Updated May 16, 2017

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The EventPro Planner User Manual was updated on Tuesday, May 16, 2017 to:

Version of EventPro Planner Software

Version 3.4.6297.15724 of Attendee Online

Version 1.0.4995.14417 of VirtualAssistant Suite


What's New in the User Manual?

Attendee Online Notification Emails

oThe automated emails sent to the Notification Email in Notification Options will now include the Event Name and Attendee's Company Name (if entered), as well as the Attendee Name and Booking Number.

Syncing Communications

oA new option allows you to choose whether you want to assign emails with or without attachments.

Email Settings

oAdded a "Use SSL" option to User Email Settings.


What's New in EventPro Planner?

To see all of the updates to the software, click Help | What's New in EventPro Planner's main menu.


Need More Help?

If you require technical assistance, please contact your nearest EventPro Planner Support Department.

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